My name is Wendy Aleman

I would love to be the fun auntie from many movies, but my nieces and nephew see me more as the crazy aunt that loves helping them with school homework, teaches them lessons, and comes up with the coolest science projects.

Due to the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), everyone in my family is staying at home. I can’t visit my nieces and nephew, and they have started to struggle being under quarantine. Online classes are a new concept for them, and even if they are familiar with iReady, their focus and patience is not the same after a couple of hours. They go to a Montessori school (a method of education that is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play), therefore videos without hands-on activities is not the best approach to teach them.

My sister called me for help in terms of ideas, websites, activities, books, and applications they could use. I knew some resources, but I quickly discovered how difficult it would be to come up with a list due to the sea of information on the internet. The list needed to be simple and reliable since my sister was working full time from home and stressed by the new reality.

Fun and Luck LLC was created some time ago by me and my husband. We wanted to publish games for little kids to learn basic skills without advertisements. We then decided to also create this website for parents and guardians that, like my sister, will need similar education information and resources.

Math lover

I went to university to obtain a degree in Mathematics after finishing High School. My family was expecting me to follow my passion for the arts (drawing) and graphic design but my love for problem solving and numbers proved to be stronger.


I became a Math and Science tutor 7 years ago. It first started as a way to support myself financially while at university, but when my nieces became older, it was my best way to help, support, guide, and love them.

Software Developer

On my second year working on my Math degree, I took a Java Programming class. I then changed my career to Computer Science and graduated with a degree in the field from Florida International University in 2018. I have worked at Ultimate Software since 2016, a company with a great culture towards family that only made my bond to mine stronger.


I consider family involvement in the education of a child to be very important for his/her development. As a tutor, I witnessed how some parents failed to see the role that their own attitude toward school played on their children’s commitment to study. I made my goal as an aunt to make sure my nieces and nephew are supported in their education and know the importance of subjects like Math, Science, Reading Comprehension and Grammar.

My Team

They represent the reason, inspiration, requirements, and standards for this website

Abigail – 6 years old

Content Creator

Sophie – 7 years old

Graphic Designer

Alexander – 5 years old

Technical Support