Why is it important to plan?


Three planned weeks with custom schedules.


Blank pdf templates and link to google sheets

why planning ahead?

Some pros of having a schedule

The goal of this page is to facilitate the process of selecting content and planning a schedule for a child. I think that having a weekly plan is the only way to make sure the child covers all the required subjects and lessons. Having a schedule doesn’t take away the freedom of adjusting at will, it provides guidance and safety.

Saves Time daily

In times where must of us are working from home, having the schedule allows you to guide your child without having to take constant decisions.

Be prepared

Some activities, worksheets, games, and crafts need materials, having the schedule allows you to prepare and have everything ready.

Stress free

Having hundreds of options to chose from, and being worried about covering all the lessons needed can be stressful. With a full week planned is easier to cover all. 

Child specific 

When you see the big picture (a whole week), you can mix and match to make sure you are taking into account your child’s preferences. 

Different personalities and preferences

Your schedule and planning should always take into account the preferences of your children and their personality. The main goal of this website is to help you teach your kids with fun activities. These examples are a few key points I use with my nieces and nephew:

Loves outdoor activities and legos

In order to keep my nephew happy, focused, and entertained, I need to include physical activities on the mix. More than 45 minutes of screen time will make him get bored and lose interest. 

Loves Screen time, Mobile apps, and crafts

Sophie can be hours in front of a screen. She loves drawing and crafting activities as well, I could use this to add variety to her routine and make her compromise for other types of activities.

Loves solving puzzles, dancing, and reading.

Abby is usually good with almost any type of school work, she likes learning and getting challenged. She is not a fan of repetitive work and memory exercises, I could use puzzles and books on these situations. 

Download a free template

The current template is an empty weekly planner that you can customize and use as a guide.

I recommend getting children involved on the creation of the schedule, you can have an activity with cards to make sure all the lessons are included, and allow them to define order. By allowing them to be part of the planning, you show trust, and as a result, they could be more responsible while following the schedule.

More templates coming soon…

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