A game is an excellent companion for a child, when properly supervised 😉

Educational games and videos from Curious George, Wild Kratts and other PBS KIDS shows! This website also includes a parent portal full of resources to help you choose the best games and activities for your child



In Minecraft, players explore a blocky 3D world to discover and extract raw materials, craft tools, build structures or earthworks. This game is very popular and is easy to access since it exists in almost all platforms.

Minecraft increases creativity, spatial awareness, and geometry knowledge by encouraging the players to build better structures. For younger kids, it is recommended to be played offline, since anyone in the world could be a player.

Discovering resources and exploring will guarantee the game to be fun, and improve the player’s problem solving skill, management, and patience. Minecraft simplicity allows parents to also play with their children.

Personal Computer (PC)


Spore allows the player to create species from a microscopic organism to its evolution into a complex, social, and intelligent being. One of the best games to understand evolution.

Farm Frenzy

This games are not only about farming, but also about managing resources, growing a profitable business, improving math skills, connecting with nature, and of course, having tons of fun

Multiple Platforms

Rayman Legends

This side scrolling game is very musical and artsy, with song levels and a cartoonish style, your child will have a good time without the need for more violent games.

Lego Worlds

Is your child in love with legos? Real life legos can be expensive and messy, but with this open world game they can enjoy the building experience and you, a cleaner house.

Spyro 3

Much like Rayman, Spyro is all about the beauty and sweetness of a little dragon and the fun to explore the world. This is a child-friendly game with a slow pace.

Playstation 4

A platform game with a taste of puzzles, that is Little Big Planet. This game will train your child to think out of the box, love physics, and overcome challenges. Online co-op is awesome when played with the family but a child should not play online levels made from other players without parental approval.

Puzzle Solving

Simple solutions to complicated problems, innovation, and controlling different characters make this an awesome experience

Family oriented

LBP3 allows 4 players to play at the same time and help each other complete puzzles that can only be solved in a group (as in real life)

Nintendo Switch

The timing could not be better for a video game that matches real time and allows long distance friends to connect and socialize in a digital island. Animal Crossing has a beautiful design but it is much more than pleasant to the eye. A game suitable for all ages, with a slow pace than allows small children to have a good time as well.


Animal Crossing will rate the player creativity and encourage it, allowing you to shape, populate, and decorate your own island.


Resource management is a plus if you want to have a beautiful town. Players will need to explore other islands and perform daily tasks.

A Museum

One of the best assets of the game is the museum. The player will collect insects, fishes and fossils that will be displayed in a realistic and fabulous museum. 


Nintendo has always been my to-go for children. They limit the socialization aspect of the game to friends that are added on the console, so parents can approve who their children play and “meet” with.


Zoo Tycoon is a business simulation game, as the name indicates, the player will simulate being the owner of a zoo and will make his/her business become profitable and successful.

Lots of animals

Animals in the game are very realistic and will teach your child the characteristics of different species, their habitats, and behaviors. 


Business Simulation games are entertaining and also teach business administration skills to children, by practicing math, accounting, and negotiations while having fun.