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Video games for children

Fun ways to learn 5-10 years old


Weekly plans as an example

About us

Journey from remote auntie to this guide

Trying to help my nieces and nephew while quarantined (COVID -19) and away from them, was a huge challenge. They got bored and annoyed with the stay at home situation since day 2.

Some activities to do at home

Can’t leave your house? Our daily lives reshaped with the threat of coronavirus spread. How can we stay at home without stressing and getting bored? How can our children have a good experience and stay healthy in body and mind in the meanwhile? These activities could help you use your time having fun and learning core skills at the same time 😉

Learning by Subjects

These sections contain recommendations of  free websites, applications, and worksheets that could help you in the journey to teach your children while having tons of fun


Resources for children to learn CS fundamentals

Teach your children coding basics (algorithms, pattern recognition, sequences, loops, and conditionals) with learning websites, mobile applications, and videos.

Apps of the Week

MarcoPolo World School

MarcoPolo World School redesigns how your child can best discover and learn about the fascinating world around them. Perfect for curious minds aged 3-7

Marvel Hero Tales 9+

Kids won’t even notice they are building and practicing key reading and language skills as they enjoy the fun and vivid gameplay action that empowers them to save the day.


Imagine your favorite book came to life on your floor! Wonderscope uses augmented reality to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary stories.


See free subscription deals, weekly articles, and inspirational videos for you and your children.


“Show me your children’s  games, and I will show you the next hundred years”


Video games, like books, contain stories and teach lessons. Make sure their content is proper by having the right types of games

We all know children do not come with an instructions manual

We collected some valuable articles on how to entertain and educate children from 5-10 years old when staying at home.


Having a routine and preparing ahead are key to  success

We prepared some weekly schedules that could guide you in a day by day journey to home school your child.